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D3 – Open Science

Digital Information Infrastructure Group and Web Science Working Group

We do research in computer science and related areas, especially in the fields of research data management, web science and open science. We develop innovative technologies and thereby support the world's largest library for economics. There are two professorships (chairs) currently in this field: Digital Information Infrastructure (Prof. Tochtermann) and Web Science (Prof. Peters). We are a group of 23 researchers in total.


Colleagues of the ZBW introduce themselves

Yvonne Tunnat

Project Manager Digital Long-term Archiving, Department B2 Conservation in Kiel

What I like about the ZBW is the creative freedom and the independent work - I can determine my own priorities. We are increasingly working digitally. The digital tools at the ZBW also offer good conditions for international networking. Very important conditions for me, apart from my part-time job, are the flexible working hours and working in the home office: that also works with a sleeping sick child next to my desk. The flexibility also benefits my sport activities.


Dr. Anna Kasprzik

Project Manager Automation of Subject Indexing, Department A1 Scientific Services in Hamburg

I came to the ZBW seeking for a job where my professional work is appreciated and where I am not simply burned out. I perceive the ZBW as an employer where work-life balance is valued more highly than at other institutions. At the same time, I have the feeling that there is a real interest in my professional activities bearing fruit, and investments are made in my further development accordingly.


Dr. Andreas Oskar Kempf

Research Assistant Taxonomy and Thesaurus Management, Department A1 Scientific Services in Hamburg

Transferring classic information infrastructure activities to the digital world involves completely new requirements and opportunities that make everyday work interesting. I like working at the ZBW because, as a research library, it has the ambition to set national and international standards in this field.


Ralf Toepfer

Research assistant and deputy head of the Electronic Publishing Department, Department C2 in Hamburg

My colleagues are open-minded, innovative and keen to experiment. I like the fact that, under the common Open Science umbrella, we are constantly trying out new things, even if only a fraction of them later manifest themselves in services. This and the cooperation across locations and departments makes the ZBW special to me, as does the appreciation and promotion of self-determined work. So, if you want to contribute your own ideas to make open science a reality, you've come to the right place.


Fidan Limani

Research Assistant Open Science

I first visited the ZBW for a summer research event, and came to intensify the collaboration thereafter via several research stays, until joining it few years later. A dynamic and thriving work environment, a portfolio of modern research projects, as well as a great work-life balance are some of the qualities that set ZBW apart as an organization and made it an attractive venue for me. It is great to be part of such a welcoming and supportive environment, which accommodates individual career growth and enables engagement in research, experiments with real use cases (and users), and participation in national and international initiatives and projects.