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Job applications at the ZBW

We look forward to your application and want to ensure that our procedures are transparent to you. We have compiled a few notes that you may find helpful in advance.


We publish in various online job exchanges and always on our homepage.


You are welcome to contact the responsible staff member of the department. Contact information is stated in the job description.


Please ensure that you apply to us with relevant documents (cover letter, current CV, certificates (of graduation) about your training or your studies as well as pertinent certificates and/or references for internships or previous jobs. In your cover letter you connect the facts from your CV with your motivation and the requirements of the job description.

  • Why do you want to work at the ZBW?
  • In what respect do you fill the requirements necessary for this job?
  • What excites you about this particular job?
  • What motivates you?
  • What are your professional goals?

You do not need to send publications, work samples or final theses unless it is explicitly requested in the job advertisement. In addition, we expressly dispense with application photos and kindly ask you to refrain from including one.

You can find a button “apply now” in the job advertisement. The application form opens when you click it. The identification number of the corresponding vacancy is already filled in. Fill in the rest of the form and upload your documents. More detailed information about file sizes and formats can be found in the form.


By sending the online application form you transmit your application data in encrypted electronic form. If you do not wish to transmit your data via our website and do not wish to be contacted by email, you can send your application documents by mail. You can find the address in the data protection notice.


You can find the “Data protection notice for appointment procedures” here: The page can also be called up through the link “data protection” in the application form. Please click the box stating you have read the data protection notice before you send your application.


After a successful transmission, a window opens confirming that transmission to ZBW Human Resources Management has taken place. A confirmation email will also be sent.


Should there be problems during transmission, please contact the person named in the job description or the Application Management (


We advise you that transmission by email is not encrypted and recommend that you use the encrypted transmission through our application website. If you still wish to send your application by email then please send it to bewerbungen(at) For reasons of IT security, we accept only pdf, jpg and png files. We will process these applications in the same way as applications transmitted through our application website.


The usual application period is 4 weeks. The deadline is stated in the job description. Applications that are received late can be taken into considersation as long as the pre-selection has not been held. Our Application Management will inform you if your application can no longer be taken into consideration in the selection process.

Since we are always looking for student assistants (m/f/it), the job descriptions do not name a deadline; you can always apply for these.

For legal reasons we cannot consider unsolicited applications.


As a first feedback you will receive a notice of arrival from the Application Management team. The department will review the application documents and compare them with the requirements profile.


After having reviewed all application documents, the department decides which applicants shall be invited to an interview. The selection procedure and the subsequent evaluatuon will be based exclusively on the criteria named as required and desired in the job description/job offer. After viewing all application documents, the department decides who will be invited to an interview. The selection will be based solely on aptitude, qualification and professional performance.


After consultation with the Equal Opportunities Commissioner, the Staff Council and the Representative of Severely Disabled Persons (if applicable), you will be invited to an interview by email and by mail – usually 2 or 3 weeks after the deadline has ended. There will be at least a week’s lead time before the interview. Please inform us if you can take the appointment. In accordance with a decree of the Schleswig-Holstein Ministry of the Interior, the ZBW cannot reimburse your travelling costs.


Depending on where the offered job is located, the interview will be held at our branch in Kiel or Hamburg. This will be stated in your invitation, as well as the planned length of the interview.


A timely substitute date is offered to severely disabled applicants. In all other cases, substitute dates are subject to review. This always depends on the application situation and the group of applicants. Sometimes, planned interviews will be held first, and if no decision can be made, you will be invited to a new date.


We want to support you in your work-life-balance and offer virtual interviews via videoconferencing. You do not need to give a reason for this. Please select your preference in the application form.


One or two representatives of the department will attend the interview, as well as the Staff Council. Depending on the group of applicants, the Equal Opportunities Commissioner and the Representative of Severely Disabled Persons will also take part. The interview serves to get to know each other. You will be asked questions about yourself, various phases of your CV and your professional knowledge. You will be given information about the job and about working at the ZBW. You can also ask questions.


If you have been successful in the application procedure, the department will phone you. The Application Management team will send an offer of employment. After you have accepted, a letter of rejection will be sent to the other applicants.


The contract of employment and the recruitment files will be sent to you by mail after the Staff Council has exercised its co-determination function and after the two-week objection period for other applicants has ended.